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Membrane IEM 285...380LPD

Membrane IEM 285...380LPD
Thin Film Composite (TFC) Polyamide Membranes are consisted of a porous Support Layer and a thin Film Dense Layer which is a cross linked Membrane Skin and is formed on the porous Layer, usually made of Polysulfone.
The thin Film Dense Layer is a crosslinked aromatic Polyamide made from interfacial Polymerization Reaction of a polyfunctional Amine such as Mphenylenediamine with a polyfunctional Acid Chloride such as Trimesoyl Chloride.
This TFC Manufacturing Procedure enables independent Optimization of the distinct Properties of the Support and Salt Rejecting Skin.
The TFC Membrane is characterized by higher specific Water Flux and Salt Rejection than Cellulose Acetate Membranes.

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